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Whale Month: Dive into Costa Rica’s Spectacular Marine Life!

Welcome to the world of whales, where majestic creatures grace the waters of Costa Rica with their inspiring presence. This February 18th is Whale Day, and we want to celebrate during the whole month these gentle giants that draw many visitors from all over the world to visit Costa Rica and witness a marvelous spectacle. If you’re visiting the country during 2024, it’s important that you note whales dive through our waters during almost 10 months in the year but there are several months that will give you more chances to spot these wonderful animals.  Up next you’ll find relevant info to keep in mind about this awe-inspiring adventure!   When is it Better to Visit for Whale Watching in Costa Rica? The Guanacaste Province offers a front-row seat to one of the most remarkable whale-watching experiences in the world….

Marine Life Encounters: What You Can Expect on a Captain Zodiac Tour

Do you ever feel the irresistible call of the ocean? The ocean, with its vast expanse and uncharted depths, has always fascinated adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. When you dive beneath the surface, you’re stepping into a whole new realm that conceals wonderful marine creatures. In the upcoming blog post, we’re not just going to…